February Favourites

February Favourites
Three new pieces of cruelty free make up I picked up in February that I would like to share with you.

Make-Up Studio Lipstick
Shade 19 €16.90
I actually came by this upon chance, I came in only having a look around as I wanted to check out some contour palettes and try to do some contouring, but I got talking to Nicola the make up artist for the brand who informed me that they do not test on animals. So obviously I was intrigued as 1. Not only did I not know this shop existed before now but 2. they don’t test on animals 3. This make up is made by make up artists and used by make up artists, so it obviously must be good. Nicola showed me the contour palette and how to apply it as I had never contoured properly before or paid much attention to it. I loved it, but unfortunately the palette was sold out. While I was there i also asked about their foundations and lipsticks as I was looking for something that would give me a flawless finish and that wouldn’t dry out my skin too much, Nicola showed me a foundation in my colour that would work with what I asked for and it looked stunning, she then redid the contour on top of the foundation to show what it would all look like together and I was sold, but not only was the contour palette sold out but so was the foundation in my colour (it just wasn’t my day), then i asked about lipsticks. I explained the colour I was going for (deep red, similar to MACs Russian Red) and she showed me this matt lipstick in such a gorgeous colour and I was sold. So Nicola has ordered the contour palette and foundation for me to pick up in a week or two so I will do a post about them when I get my hands on them.
Having worn the lipstick since I can say not only does it look good on, but it also lasts(bear in mind there was no kissing) but it lasted from early evening to early morning and during the day when I have worn it.

Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet – Eyeliner
Glide-On Eye Pencil in Black Velvet €19.50
I needed to get a new eye liner and to be honest I normally usually always buy Rimmel eye liner in jet black, which is bad as unfortunately Rimmel is a company who has never denied animal testing and has stated that when necessary tests are preformed on animals (I mean seriously when is that ever necessary, it’s humans wearing the product, not animals). But on this day I decided that was all coming to a change and I would embark on a mission to try and find a new eye liner. What I was looking for is a product that is a very strong black eye liner that wouldn’t fade within an hour, also one that could be very sharp and slim but also be smudged easily. So the artist in Urban Decay showed me Black Velvet and how the colour comes out and I really liked it so I bought it.
To be honest I am not a huge fan of this, it uses up very fast and needs to be pared after almost every use. It does stay on, but needs to be reapplied every two and a half hours.

Urban Decay Naked Skin – Concealer
Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer – Shade Light/ Warm €22.
I originally bought this at a time that my skin was good with very little break out and it was really only to cover the black bags under my eyes, and this product works perfectly in doing so. It could also easily be used as a highlighter or as part of a contouring set. It brightened up my eyes and it lasts.
Directions for use are – Put dots on the area you would like to to cover, so in my case under my eyes to hide the bags, so about 5 dots per eye and get your finger and dab it around. Don’t rub it as it won’t work as well.
Fast forward to about two weeks later when my skin decides to break out with spots all around my mouth and this is the only concealer that I have so I use it as a spot concealer too. It doesn’t work as well for spot coverage unfortunately. It will cover it to a point put not as great as other more solid concealers as this is a liquid, so perhaps maybe unless you leave it for a while, let it dry a bit and then dab it, but otherwise for spots buy another concealer.

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