Homemade Almond Milk

I love almond milk and have been wanting to make my own for agessss (well ever since I saw Leah and Brandon Jenner making some on an episode of KUWTK) but my lack of organisational skills and time keeping stopped me from making my own – UNTIL NOW

What you need
* Jar
* Blender
* Sieve
* Pot/ Large bowl of some sort.

* One cup of almond nuts
* two cups of water
* Vanilla extract
* Medjool dates

1. Place almonds into jar of water to soak for 12 – 48hours. The longer you leave it, the creamier the texture will be.
2. After appropriate time take almonds out if water and place into blender.
3. Pour in two cups of water and blend for two minutes until smooth.
4. Pour mixture from blender into pot or large bowl via sieve to remove chunks, this may take a few minutes to get all milk out.
5. If you are happy with taste, all well and good if not, clean out blender, put milk back in and add some vanilla extract (a few drops) and/ or Medjool dates.
6. Leave in fridge to cool.
7. Enjoy 🙂Almond Milk

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