All Aboard The Earthship

Earthship ARt

I don’t know about you, but I, in the ideal world would love to live in a house that functions and thrives on it’s own – Enter the ‘Earthship’ or ‘Earth homes’. Earthship’s are 100% sustainable homes that look 100% cool – Think of something from The Shire or The Flintstones.

Earthship Facts
1. Water Recycling. We all want to do our bit to save the planet and in Earthship homes have one of the best water recycling systems around. The roof of the earthship funnels and stores rain water into a cistern, that then pumps it into sinks, showers and baths when needed. When that water is used (it’s now called grey water), it is then pumped into the greenhouses to water the plants. After being cleaned by the plants the water is then pumped into the the toilets, after being flushed – the water is now called black water and is pumped into the exterior garden to give nutrients and feed non-edible plants.


2. Stay Warm. Due to the way Earthships are built they can sustain warm and comfortable temperatures year around, no matter where they are. The reason for this is due to the solar heat being absorbed and stored by ‘thermal mass’ ie – the tires filled with dirt, the building material used for walls and depending on how the back walls of your house are built if done with earth and soil can really store heat. The large green house windows are always built facing south to all the sun to heat up the thermal mass throughout the sunshine/ day hours.

3. Power me up! Thanks to the solar panels on the roof and optional wind turbines the Earthship is provided with in-house power. Depending on how much electricity you use you could live of this alone.

4. Food Glorious Food! Earthships usually have two built in green houses, meaning you have a chance to grow you own food within your own home. You can also build a chicken coop to provide eggs or a fish pond for some inner zen.

5. €€€€€€. Earthships are cheaper to build that most homes starting just under €20,000 for a standard 1 bedroom and upwards depending on what you want and how big you want it.
6. Recycled Materials. The walls and most of the Earthship has been made using mostly recycled materials such as old tyres, cans and glass bottles.

I love the idea of an Earthhouse, but knowing me, I know I would like to have some extras and may use more electricity that the house could provide. Which all can easily be done, but I think knowing that you have built a house that strives mostly on it’s own and looks so awesome, is an amazing feat and definitely something worth investigating and considering.

In the mean time check out all these gorgeous Earth home pictures …..

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