The Eggs You Should Buy And Why

This topic was only brought to my attention with in the last year and a half, but during that time I have been able to do some reserach and make some great changes to my egg buying/ eating habbits.
Personally I will only eat something if I know that there is 0% cruelty involved and I did not realise how bad some (when I say some I mean 100,000s worldwide) hens are treated for the sake of our morning egg on toast.
For me now anything less than the free range/ organic eggs from my local farmer (that I have vistited and seen the lifestyle that the hens and chicks have) or free range eggs bought in a health food shop that I know did their reserach into the background of the eggs is not acceptable. Eating out can be a bit tricky when it comes to meals that contain eggs and extra tricky when you think about how much food contain eggs.
But here is why I now only eat free range eggs.
Caged Egg Facts
1) Caged hens are usually piled into a cage on top of each other. Usually 4 per cage and are left in these battery cages until they die, never being out doors or seeing sunlight.
2) The size of these cages is pathetic, About the size of an A4 page.
3)The lifespan of caged hens is usually between 18-24 months, which at this point they will be slaughtered for their meat, unless of course they are born make chicks in which case their life span is normally about 24-48 hours before they are slaughtered due to the fact that they can not produce eggs and are therefore deemed ‘worthless’.
4) These hens are bred through selected breeding, to increase the amount of eggs they lay. For me this is isn’t natural and there for a no go.
5) It is scientifically proven that these hens feel scared, stressed and depressed and I personally don’t think consuming eggs created by these hens would be healthy for the consumer.
Also these pictures alone put me off anything but free range, healthy and happy eggs
Do you have any comments you would like to make



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